Tariff plan «Start»

Tariff plan with a third-party is no monthly fee and charges for sending text and voice messages, ideal for non-profit organizations, allows you to issue individual login page, but cannot use the guest page.

Connection and technical support: Free
Subscription fee / day: No
Send messages (SMS/Voice/Flash): Free
Direct TV sending SMS:
Sending SMS to foreign numbers:
The maximum duration of the session on the local device: 0 D. 0 h 5 M.
The maximum duration of the session in General network devices: 90 D. 0 h
The collection and storage of information in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation:
The collection and storage of statistical indicators about users of the network:
Individual authorization page:
Individual guest page:
The presence of third-party advertising:
Acceptable methods of identification:
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  • Please note! Prices are for servicing one access point. The table shows the rates current at .