Identification of users in public Wi-Fi networks

Идентификация пользователей в публичных сетях Wi-Fi

In the context of globalization, the protection of information space is the main requirement that must be observed in the service sector. Cafes and restaurants, schools and hospitals, hotels and cinemas: free Internet in all public areas, and it is unprotected Wi-Fi can be a dangerous tool in the hands of criminals.

Our company provides services of identification according to the government resolution №758 from 31 July 2014 and No. 801 dated 12 August 2014, which require the organization identify users of public Wi-Fi networks.

Advantages of service

  • Free connection and support. Provide free support and assistance in selecting and configuring equipment.
  • Great rates. We offer flexible grid best tariff plans of Your choice.
  • Self-service system. Provide access to a unique self-service system, which will allow to connect and manage services without any special knowledge.
  • Individual approach. Listen to all Your wishes and ready to realize the required functionality if necessary.
  • Related services. Offer the possibility of using additional services of accommodation guest pages and registration pages authorization is absolutely free.

Identification methods

We offer some of the most popular methods of identification for Your choice:

  • SMS message - free text message to the phone user.
  • Voice message - free voice message to the telephone user.
  • Flash the message - free flashing message on the user's phone.
  • Phone call free phone call on our hotline.
  • Social network - free authorization on the site of one of the most popular social networks.
  • ESIA - free authorization on the website of the state services of the Russian Federation.


This is one of the most popular ways of identification in the Wi-Fi network to authorize the user enters his phone number and confirms it with a code that is sent to the mobile phone as a text message.

Voice message

Authentication Wi-Fi using a voice message is similar to identification with the use of SMS messages, but the access code to the telephone sends a voice message is a new and unique method of identification.

Flash-the message

Identification of Wi-Fi with Flash messages just as you do with normal SMS, but the passcode on the phone is sent with a message that is immediately displayed on the screen of a mobile phone and is usually not stored in its memory.

Phone call

To authenticate and to access the Wi-Fi network, the user enters his phone number and confirms it with a free call to a special hotline.

Social network

According to studies, more than 60% of Russians are active users of social networks. To get authorised in this way, the user only has to login one of the popular social networks:

  • Vkontakte
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Classmates
  • My мир


Unified system of identification and authentication - the information system of the Russian Federation, which provides authorized access of participants of information interaction. In order to access a public network, enough to pass the authorization on the website of public services.

Related services

All clients have access to a functional self-service system and are free to use the services of accommodation guest pages and the design of the individual pages of the authorization.

The cost and connection

We offer several packages with different prices to see the cost of services and choose a tariff plan on page tariff plans.

To start working with the system and to connect their access points, it is necessary to pass simple procedure of registration in the self-service system.

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