User authentication Wi-Fi vouchers

Authorization WiFi voucher - this is a popular method of authenticating users in public Wi-Fi networks for hotels, hostels and other institutions where pre-registration is required the client. The user only has to enter the code issued by the administrator in order to access the Internet.

How does it work?

To obtain the voucher, the client provides the organization administrator one of the following documents:

  • Internal passport
  • Passport
  • Diplomatic passport
  • Official passport
  • The seafarers ' identity document
  • The temporary residence permit
  • Residence permit
  • Internal passport
  • The certificate of the refugee

Next, the administrator enters name and other required information to the database and receive a special code that sends to the client. When trying to connect to a Wi-Fi network the user gets to the login page Wi-Fi where personally enters the code and gets access to the Internet.


This authorization method Wi-Fi, fully complies with the requirements of the law on the Wi-Fi in Russia, in addition, the owner of a public access point receives detailed reports about your audience (full name, phone number, E-Mail, gender, age, frequency of visits, device information, etc.), it allows you to customize feedback and apply other various marketing activities to increase the efficiency of business processes.

Related services

All clients have access to a functional self-service system and are free to use the services of accommodation guest pages and the design of the individual pages of the authorization.

The cost and connection

We offer several packages with different prices to see the cost of services and choose a tariff plan on page tariff plans.

To start working with the system and to connect their access points, it is necessary to pass simple procedure of registration in the self-service system.

Other methods of identifying Wi-Fi


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