Free Wi-Fi, a modern tool monetization business

As reported by analysts Juniper Research by 2019, Wi-Fi network will carry approximately 60% of all traffic to mobile devices, reaching more than 115 000 PB by 2019, and almost 4 times higher than current performance. These studies clearly show how popular and in demand is a service providing access to the Internet using Wi-Fi.

After the entry into force of the law on mandatory identification of users, which provide penalties for violators, owners of public access points has been facing a difficult choice. Organization identify Wi-Fi entails costs to purchase equipment and software or the payment services of existing operators, and the refusal of the enforcement of the laws would entail huge fines.

The advantages of Wi-Fi identification

Refusal to provide free Wi-Fi is a huge disadvantage in the face of competing enterprises, but there is another option - consider free Wi-Fi and a mandatory identification of users as a profitable investment in business development:

Compliance with laws

Compliance with current legislation helps to preserve the image of the company, can be "clean" during inspections by regulatory bodies.

High permeability

When selecting institutions, users often use services such as Yandex.Maps, or Google Maps, modern software allows you to filter the institutions with the lack of free Wi-Fi, in addition, potential clients often prefer to come into the room if you are in the neighborhood and get notified about the possibility of free surfing in the Internet.

Wow effect

Free Wi-Fi calls the "Wow effect" of the visitors, it increases their involvement. Using individual pages authorization can enhance this effect and increase the loyalty of existing ones and attract new customers.

Social martketing

The owner of the access point receives an opportunity to increase the number of community members in social networks and attract the attention of more customers, it reduces costs for the services of SMM and PR-specialists.


Collect feedback and ratings of clients about quality of services in online mode allows you not only to eliminate current error, and to bring service quality to a whole new level.

Social Analytics

Information from social networks will help to create a portrait of an average client to build effective advertising campaigns, or to predict the number of visitors.

Promotion of goods and services

The possibility of placing guest pages you can use to advertise and promote their own services or as an attractive advertising platform for their advertisers.

In this article, we have given only a few of the main benefits and ways to monetize free Wi-Fi in public areas, but there are many other possibilities, which depend on the characteristics of each site, but, obviously, as an effective tool for increasing profitability may have its own Wi-Fi Hotspot.


We are more than three years rendered services to identify users in public Wi-Fi networks in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, as well as provide additional services such as registration pages, authorization and posting guest pages absolutely free.

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