User authentication Wi-Fi via social networking

WiFi authentication through social networks - this is the most popular way of identifying users in public Wi-Fi networks with the aim of conducting various marketing research. The user can simply log in one of social networks in order to access the Internet.

How does it work?

When trying to connect to an open Wi-Fi takes the user to the authorization page where chooses a social network in which he already was, after the transition to the social networking site, the user is authorized and allows access to his page.


Owner of a public access point receives detailed information about its audience (ID, name, photo, E-Mail, gender, age, frequency of visits, device information, etc.), it gives the opportunity to apply various marketing activities to increase the efficiency of business processes.

Please note that the method of authorization through social networks does not meet the requirements of the law on the Wi-Fi in Russia.

Related services

All clients have access to a functional self-service system and are free to use the services of accommodation guest pages and the design of the individual pages of the authorization.

The cost and connection

We offer several packages with different prices to see the cost of services and choose a tariff plan on page tariff plans.

To start working with the system and to connect their access points, it is necessary to pass simple procedure of registration in the self-service system.

Other methods of identifying Wi-Fi


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