Our advantages

We really appreciate our customers, so always try to choose the solution that best meets their objectives, scope and perspectives of development considering the specifics of the business.

Free connection and customer support

Our specialists are ready to advise and make remote assistance in choosing and setting up equipment absolutely free.

Best tariff plans

We offer grid profitable tariff plansthat will allow you to choose the right tariff for services on their own.

Automatic self-service system

We have developed a unique self-service system, which will provide the possibility of control and monitoring, as well as provide the ability to connect additional services and their payment without any special knowledge.

Individual approach.

We are ready to listen to Your wishes and implement the required functionality if necessary.

Maximum performance

Given the many years of experience in the field of communication, we have developed fault-tolerant system, which guarantees the uninterrupted work of the service at any time of the day.

Related services

For all customer services identify users provides a free possibility of registration of pages authorization and posting guest pages. For advertisers we have developed the ability to embed targeted advertising.

Additional features

We offer the opportunity to earn with us, we have developed several effective strategies: a referral program, a program of reselling.

Work legally

Our company has all the necessary rights for the provision of telematic communication services in the territory of the Russian Federation.

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