Wireless Internet access

With the advent of networks of the fourth generation mobile Internet has made a huge leap forward. Today, high-speed Internet for phones and tablets available in most areas of Central Russia.

Since one of the main factors when choosing inetrent regard is ease of use - it is not surprising that many users choose wireless connection.

LTE network is granted the ability to watch multimedia content in full quality, to communicate with friends and family through video calls without pixilation of the image as quickly as possible to sync files to the cloud, play online games without any delay.

Unlimited Internet access Yota

We are the official representative of the wireless carrier Yota and the proposed connection to the unlimited plans for business.

Rate Business Yota to collective or personal access allows you to use unlimited 4G Internet from Yota. Bhadeshia maximum speed: 20Mbps, and maximum upload speed to 6 Mbps.

Modem Yota

The modem is designed to connect laptops and computers to the 4G network. The device is a sleek and simple design, and powerful 3D antenna and swivel USB-a mechanism to allow you to conveniently connect to the network from any device. It does not require additional drivers and software.

  • Does not require software installation.
  • Works with any device with USB connector
  • Supports MAC OS, Linux, Windows.

Advantages of service:

  • Unlimited Internet at the maximum speed
  • The connectivity of the static IP address
  • Change subscription at any time

To whom?

High - speed, wireless Internet is the perfect solution for business subscribers, which is important, stable, accessible and independent Internet channel.

The cost and connection

  • Modem Yota - 1900 RUB.
  • Tariff plan personal access - 1400 RUB/month.
  • Tariff plan public access - 2700 RUB./month.

To connect and to purchase equipment, please contact us in any convenient way.

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