Program reselling

Participate in reselling the service authorization Wi-Fi and earn together with us. We have been working in this market and has rightfully earned its popularity in part to the fact that it is always qualitatively carry out their obligations.

To participate in this program is open exclusively to partners that are focused on bulk resale of our services to third parties. We offer cooperation with the application of the concept of White Label, that is, we are in no way in contact with Your customers and only You are the provider.

How does it work?

  1. You buy our services at a discount.
  2. Sell services to its client margin.
  3. Make a profit on the difference in price.

The benefits of reselling

  • Great rates. We are ready to offer best and flexible range of tariff plans for its Resellers.
  • Free software. Taking into account all wishes of customers, we have developed and supported free software for monitoring and management services.
  • Individual approach. We are ready to listen to any suggestions Resellers and to implement the required functionality in the shortest possible time.

To whom?

The program is ideal reselling Internet providers and other communications service providers governed by the laws concerning public access to Wi-Fi network.

Terms of cooperation

Terms of cooperation are discussed individually after consideration of the application and are directly dependent on Your ability.

The decision regarding joining the programme, reselling, implemented individually, is to leave your application, contact us any convenient way.

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