Detector devices for collecting MAC-adresses

The detector device is a tool for marketers and other professionals who are engaged in the creation and distribution of advertising. By using this service you can gather information about users ' devices, which were in a certain place.

How does it work?

Each device has its own unique identifier - the MAC address (from the English. Media Access Control). Passing by the place where the detector, we automatically determined by your MAC. To determine the identifier is sufficient to include Wi-Fi, the user does not even have to connect to the network, or pass - authorization Wi-Fi.


We aggregate and aggregate all the collected info information to provide it in a convenient format or to synchronize with other services (Yandex.Direkt, Google Ads, etc.), then it all depends on your plans and ambitions:

  • Study the audience
  • Analyze customers
  • Search for target audience

It will help to quickly gather the right audience and assess the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, as well as to tell potential customers about your services.

Related services

We provide services of Wi-Fi authorization by law, in accordance with regulations of the government of the Russian Federation. All customers receive access to convenient self-service system and is completely free to use services of design of pages authorization and posting guest pages.

The cost and connection

In order to confirm details and activate the service, please contact us in any convenient way.


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